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Store Policies

Thank you for shopping at!

We have been selling on since 2006 under the same business name and have accumulated a feedback rating of 100% for over 9000 items sold.
We care about each of our customers and we are grateful they have chosen to spend their money on our products.

Approx. 2 to 3 days after receiving your payment (depending on the volume of business), we process your order by printing the packing slip, inserting your items into a baggies, wrapping them in packing paper and cute twine, package your items into a bubble envelope, or a card board box, seal securely, print your paypal shipping label and ship first class with delivery confirmation.

We package your items the same way, except that we hand write your address on the shipping envelope, drive to post office, present your package for weighing and the correct postage, affix a customs form that is marked 'sale' with the appropriate value amount.
It is your responsibility to find out what your countries individual duties and taxes are for the package you have chosen to import into your country. Orders over $50.00 being shipped overseas will require signature confirmation.

Insurance is available upon request for a small fee. $1.75 for up to $50.00. Please request through email when making your purchase.

*****************100% Guarantee**************
If you are unhappy with your purchase we will refund (minus shipping)or replace your item upon receipt of the unwanted item.
This must be requested before 30 days from the date of payment. Your request should be accompanied by the paypal payment transaction number in order for us to find your transaction or the date on which you sent your payment in.
This is decided on a case by case instance (that means if it comes back looking like it went through the dishwasher we will most likely request a small fee for the replacement).

Contact us through email; and we will reply within 24 hours.
If we haven't responded - something has happened to your email and PLEASE try again.

We strive to provide professional service that competes with large corporations.
We research, purchase supplies, design, create, photograph, measure, list, market, pack and ship each item you see in our store.

We thank you for supporting handmade!

Much respect,
Shannon LeVart